News about Blue Water Boats (Plymouth) Ltd including the commissionning of the the Design of our very own 32ft fast workboat/pleasure craft.

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The BLUEWATER  28 AND 31 provide a dryer, smoother ride in rougher weather.

Press Release June 2012

New Design Bluewater 31 Offshore Workboat Specifies Scott Bader’s New Crystic® Permabright Gelcoat and Crestabond® Structural Adhesive

Blue Water Boats (Plymouth) Ltd has just launched their latest fibreglass monohull workboat Bluewater 31. The new vessel, designed by Henry Millington in collaboration with Blue Water Boats, can be used for either work or pleasure, but was primarily designed to be a commercial, diving, angling or offshore surveying workboat; the boat design combines speed with superior stability for a more comfortable ride in rougher sea conditions. The first Bluewater 31 will be used as a security boat during the 2012 Olympic Games for the sailing races being held at Weymouth.

The composite deck and hull were moulded using Scott Bader’s Lloyds approved Crystic® 2.446PALV back up resin in combination with dark blue Crystic 65PA gelcoat for the hull. However, for the white gelcoated fibreglass deck and wheelhouse of the Bluewater 31, Crystic Permabright has been used, which is Scott Bader’s new marine approved D-Iso/NPG high performance UV colour change resistant gelcoat. The unique D-Iso/NPG polymer resin chemistry used in Crystic Permabright gelcoat is a step change technology which has set a new standard in long term UV weathering performance for marine applications. It is proven to provide significantly improved colour stability over existing white and cream coloured marine Iso/NPG and Iso gelcoat gelcoats currently on market.

Crystic Permabright gelcoat has now been specified by Blue Water Boats for all white and cream hulls and decks as part of their quality improvement focus. Gary Wiltshire, Director and co founder of Blue Water Boats explained: “We have been amazed by the significantly brighter and glossier finish we can achieve with Crystic Permabright, which has also been easy to handle in production. We have confidence in the product quality and long term performance of this new Scott Bader gelcoat to help keep Bluewater boats looking good for longer.”

Crystic Permabright D-Iso/NPG gelcoat, available as either a spray or brush applied gelcoat, uniquely has a deconjugated polyester backbone in the base resin, which is formulated with ‘best in class’ UV protection additives and selected pigments in white, off-white and cream colours. All the pigment pastes used in Crystic gelcoats are proprietary, manufactured by Scott Bader using their in-house milling and mixing facilities. This advanced deconjugated D-Iso/NPG polymer chemistry developed by Scott Baders’ R & D team significantly outperforms established gelcoat technologies. Independent 12 month Florida UV weathering test results obtained by Scott Bader conclusively demonstrated that a white or cream Crystic Permabright D-Iso/NPG polyester gelcoat is able to provide two times better colour stability than the next best in class Iso/NPG gelcoat and four times better than a standard isophthalic gelcoat.

The roof of the Bluewater 31 wheelhouse is bonded on using Crestabond® M1-30, which is a primer-less, methacrylate structural adhesive, also developed and supplied by Scott Bader. According to Gary Wiltshire, they have been able to save costs and achieve a stronger wheelhouse structure by using Crestabond instead of multiple mechanical fastenings with a flexible gap filler. Crestabond products are universal structural adhesives, designed to bond GRP as well as a variety of metals and plastics. The unique benefit offered by the Crestabond range is that there is no need for lengthy surface preparation, such as grinding, or the application of a primer. Crestabond can be applied by cartridge hand gun or a pneumatic dispensing gun for larger volume requirements.

Blue Water Boats (Plymouth) Ltd was founded in 2003 by Gary Wiltshire and Graham Hannaford, who together have over fifty years of experience in fibreglass boatbuilding. Blue Water Boats not only design and build their own range of boats, but will also make predesigned boats to order as well as providing repair and re-engineering services; their fully equipped workshop and production facilities can accommodate vessels up to 45 ft long and with a maximum beam of 17ft. For the complete range of Scott Bader resins, gelcoats and structural adhesives available for composites log on to

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Announcement! New For 2011

Bluewaterboats have commissioned the Design of our very own 32’ fast workboat/pleasure craft, the Bluewater 28-31, a totally new hull design together with the use of cutting edge materials/manufacturing processes will ensure a fast, fuel efficient boat with smaller than average Horse Power engine. The boat will be available in the 32 feet size but will be able to be supplied in a smaller 26-27 feet version in either conventional or outdrive formats with a twin engine version available whilst still maintaining a fully flush deck. Boat will be able to be coded to MCA / RCD or SEAFISH standards for the commercial fisherman. Design drawings will be available end of June 2011 with work starting on the hull plug in July 2011.

2010 News

Bluewaterboats have had a busy year so far with the launch of 2 big projects a Gemini GF14 catamaran “CORAL WIND” for Trevor Farman of Technical marine services Ltd, fitted out to a high standard for use in the Wind Farm/Suryeying industry (see our recent projects section for photo’s etc) and would like to wish Trevor and his team every success with the new vessel and many thanks for choosing Bluewaterboats for the fit out.

Another recent launch was a very nice LOCHIN 333 Harbour pilot for David Woodall of Brixham which featured an impressive interior fit out comprising of Light Oak panelling with Darker hardwood trimming and stylish upholstery. This is the first Lochin 333 twin engine boat with a fully flush deck arrangement which was achieved by fitting a pair of remote “V” drive gearboxes to keep the shaft line low and the engine weight aft , the boat reached a top speed of 30knts plus and we hope David has some very good fishing days to come from his new vessel.